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Audrey Barrett spent her youth in Queens, New York. There she became fascinated with the urban landscape, taught herself perspective, created artwork and studied art history. Early in her career she was known for her landscapes and botanical subjects.


After several moves about the U.S.  Audrey relocated in Chicago, her home since 1975.  Rich in culture, diversity, architecture, and fascinating neighborhoods, Chicago became Audrey’s muse.


Given that her art had been concerned with urban environments, it is only natural that she became enamored with the city. Each individual neighborhood radiates its own personality; teeming with color, intrigue, vitality, sometimes gritty. Though her work occasionally contains figures, her main focus is the architectural form and the Chicago urban landscape. 


Audrey’s creative process begins with her photographs.  They are used to create a montage that captures the essence and character of the scene. Deciding on a composition she sketches directly onto a canvas using thinned acrylic paint, then fluid washes with special attention to perspective. Once intent is established she moves to oil or occasionally acrylic paint to truly capture the complexity of her subject. 


Audrey has exhibited in art fairs, galleries and juried competitions. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections, also in the Illinois State Museum under the name Audrey McCartney.  


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